Various Types of Aromatic Facials

  • Sandal oil facial
  • Stem cell activation facial
  • Fairy Oil facial
  • Vitamin C facial using fruit Extracts
  • Special skin glow facial

. . .


  • Skin collagen tightening facial
  • Tea tree oil facials to avoid pimple
  • Skin color lightening facial
  • Pearl, golden, platinum facials
  • Customer demanded special facials

Various Types of Bleaching’s undertaken

  • Lacto & Aloe Vera bleach
  • OXY & Oil based bleach
  • Pure herbal bleach
  • Honey and milk bleach
  • Soap flakes bleach

See the Change Its a Sea Change

  • Only Herbal Cosmetics
  • Look Fresh & Natural
  • Professional Touch
  • Longer Hours of Stay.
  • Better Sharpness, No smudging

The special derma colors of this company ensures permanent fairness and improvement of color skin.
We are dedicated to the art of beauty.


Everyone desires to have smooth glowing skin with no dark spots, wrinkles. Bleaching helps to eliminate these unwanted dark spots that gives you a boring look.

pedicure & manicure

Polish Your Look with nail salon services ranging from gel, paraffin dips, and nail art, there is always something for everyone looking for a manicure or pedicure.

Hair coloring & Dyeing

We give permanent and temporary coloring using renowned matrix products used by qualified tricologists.The right color will liven up your skin tone.

We undertake different styling suited to various & choppy haircuts can give you a fresh look, if you choose the right cut based on the shape of your face. .


For hair conditioning,reduction of Body Heat and  Reduction of Hair Fall, Permanent Improvement of Hair Texture and Health.


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